New Features on the website to improve the user experience!

:tada: Dear Community Members,

The CO team is pleased to announce that new features were added to the web site to improve the user experience! What is new?

A. The Term Search box is now available on each crop ontology page. For example, you can go on the Sorghum ontology and directly run a term search.

B. Term editing that enables the revision of the term and its metadata is available on each ontology will now create notifications for the ontology curator and the Coordination team. The notifications for the curator are 2 mails: 1. Acknowledging that the term editing is submitted and 2. informing the curator about the status of the revision submission which can be Accepted, Ignored or Rejected. Once it is accepted the revision will appear online and will be downloadable in the Trait Dictionary. However, if you need to change the class of a term, e.g. from Post harvest to Quality, you will have to use the Trait Dictionary and reupload it. The editing feature cannot enable this action. In parallel, the Coordination team, which is also the Helpdesk and administrates the full Crop Ontology, receives a notification that a revision was submitted for a given term and needs to act on it.

Additionally a Cancel button has been added to cancel modifications before submission and go back to the ontology page.

C. When a new version of an ontology is uploaded in the CO web site, a Pull Request is created in the specific crop repository in the Planteome Github. This action informs the curator and the technical team that new modifications were performed and a new ontology version needs to integrated in the Github repository. This way the site and Github are synchronized.

D. Login: Now it is possible to indicate that you forgot your username or password and reset the login.
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E. We added Google Analytics to be able to produce statistics on the site traffic.

The improvements were done to address curators’ feedback captured in several issues recorded on the Crop Ontology Site Github. We will include the use of these new feature in the web site help pages.

If you see any problems please post and issue on the CO Github or contact the Helpdesk (

Looking forward to receiving feedback from you !

Elizabeth, Marie and Carlos