DOIs allocated to all crop-specific ontologies in Zenodo!

Dear CoP members,

All crop-specific ontologies having a repository in the Planteome Guithub were recorded in Zenodo and were allocated a DOI. :tada: All records are affiliated to the Crop Ontology Community and some also to the Planteome Community.

The DOI appears in the crop-specific page of the Crop Ontology web site and in each Readme file of the repos in Planteome Github. Please check it.

We would like to give you the ability to maintain your Zenodo record and to this end, you need first to declare a login in Zenodo (better to use your Gtihub login or you ORCID) and let us know when you have done so. Then we can add you as a curator of the Zenodo Crop Ontology Community.

We are looking forward to reading from you soon! Contact Maire Angélique and me!

Kind regards