New Apple Trait Ontology online!

A new Apple Ontology developed by EURAC Research & Laimburg Research is online on the CO site! Check it!

Some information about it:
Apple (Malus domestica) Trait Ontology Version: 1.1, Language: EN

It defines crop traits and variables to support the standardisation of apple breeding databases providing description of agronomic, morphological, physiological, quality traits, its methods and scales.

Ekaterina Chuprikova, Center for Sensing Solutions, EURAC Research
Walter Guerra, Institute for Pomiculture and Viticulture, Laimburg Research

EURAC Research
Laimburg Research

Target Community: Apple breeders

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Thank you, @ElizabethArnaud, and the Crop Ontology community! We would be happy to get in touch with anyone interested in collaboration on Apple Ontology.

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Few months ago, we had some expression of interest from CIRAD to join an Apple ontology development effort so I could ask again.

is the Apple ontology mapped to woody plant ontology (CO_357)?

Not yet but we can discuss it with @echuprikova This Apple ontology currently has a lot on quality traits of the fruit.