DOI for crop specific ontologies: Presentation and discussion recorded

Dear All,

I am sharing, particularly for colleagues who did not attend, the [presentation that I recorded] summarizing the surveys, providing answers and the discussions of the 2 meetings Teams meetings. Zenodo is first choice now and it was decided that the Github repository is the element to published in Zenodo. Of course this solution does not exclude to publish a data paper if needed.

  • Therefore, to help us publishing a Zenodo record for each crop specific repository, we agreed that you will provide a full citation for your ontology or ontologies in this Excel file by 9 November
  • By 17 November , You will develop a ReadMe text for the homepage of your crop specific repository on Planteome Github. You can add it yourself as you should have a GitHub login and watch your repository. If you encounter problems, please contact Marie Angélique and I.

To directly see the live surveys’ results:


· Microsoft Forms


· Microsoft Forms


· Microsoft Forms

Looking forward to reading from you soon.

Kind regards,